Windows Package Manager 1.0 final is out

 Windows Package Manager 1.0 final is out

Microsoft released the first stable version of Windows Package Manager, a tool to install and manage programs efficiently on Windows 10 machines.

Many things have changed since our first look at Winget, wish we published in May 2020.

At its core, it is still a package manager that you may know from other operating systems. Windows users may compare it to program installers such as Ninite, Scoop, or just-install, which offer similar functionality but are maintained by third-parties.

Windows Package Manager 1.0

Windows Package Manager is a command line tool. You may check out Winstall, which is a web GUI for the package manager, if you prefer graphical user interfaces.

Installation is straightforward: the program is distributed with App Installer, which you can download and install from the Microsoft Store. You may also download the latest version from the project’s GitHub repository instead and install it that way.

Open a PowerShell…

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