Why robot delivery is going to college

 Why robot delivery is going to college

Photograph courtesy of Yandex

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Robot delivery has been building steam recently, with a handful of high-profile pilots in progress from chains like Domino’s and Chick-fil-A.

But the true testing ground for this futuristic technology could be the college campus. 

Think about it: On city streets, autonomous robots have a lot to navigate: busy intersections, people, cars, etc. On a college campus, there are fewer obstacles, so the service works better and more safely. 

“It all comes down to complexity,” said Diego Varela, COO of robot delivery company Kiwibot, which is intently focused on the campus use case for its four-wheeled, semi-autonomous bots.

There’s also the matter of efficiency. It makes more sense for a car to fulfill a delivery of 2 to 4 miles than a…

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