When ‘Apple’ calls, hang up — Scam Guards

 When ‘Apple’ calls, hang up — Scam Guards

I was listening to an audible book and dozing off when my iPhone rang. Usually I look to see if I know the number. I answered in a slight fog. Mistake No. 1.

The voice on the other end said he was calling from Apple. Someone was using my identity to try to make purchases at different stores. I should stay on the line to be connected to someone who could help me. I stayed on the line. Mistake No. 2.

I was immediately connected to another man, who said, “At this very moment someone is trying to use your identity to buy something at Walmart. We need to stay one step ahead of this criminal.”

He directed me to the Apple site on my laptop. It looked just like the Apple site I had seen before. I was sucked in without even questioning why Apple would even know or care about this kind of crime. He asked me for all of the places I had bank accounts. In a panic, I connected to my various accounts. The online banking sites appeared on my…

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