What the Tech? Ways to Upgrade Your Computer

 What the Tech? Ways to Upgrade Your Computer


Everyone is spending more time on the computer these days. Hours of work. Hours of play. It can easily add up to more hours in front of a screen than hours we spend sleeping.

For many people, they’re looking at the same monitor they purchased a dozen years ago.

They’re also trying to work amidst wires, papers, cables and coffee cups. Unless you’re the type person who claims to thrive with all the clutter, it might be a good time to spend a little money to upgrade your workspace.

Getting rid of wires is easier and less expensive than ever. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse rids the desk space of two wires that’s probably cluttering up good real estate.

I recently upgraded my old gaming keyboard with a Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech. The one I purchased, the Logitech K780…

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