What the Jan. 6 riot report was too afraid to say (opinion)

 What the Jan. 6 riot report was too afraid to say (opinion)

When it comes to the siege by Trump loyalists bent on subverting US democracy, efforts to work “across party lines” can end up obscuring more than they illuminate.

Sure, the 95-page report released Tuesday by two Senate committees is full of previously unknown details about security failures and useful recommendations about poor communications, logistical breakdowns and other intriguing lapses. Investigators clearly worked hard, poring over thousands of documents. But we are still left with many trees and no forest.

That’s because searching for the full truth is, for all intents and purposes, impossible for members of the current Republican Party. If Congress wants a probe that Republicans will endorse, it will be, by design, an investigation that will not tell the full story.

What is the most important element of the January 6 events? What is the most significant, consequential truth Americans need to know? If, like me, you see the…

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