West Hartford Business Buzz: November 8, 2021 – We-Ha

 West Hartford Business Buzz: November 8, 2021 – We-Ha

A round-up of openings, closings, and other news about West Hartford businesses.

By Ronni Newton

Quinn in the leaves. Courtesy of Chelsea Kahl-Devine

This has been a frosty cold week, with the beautiful fall foliage finally on display in all its glory. It’s also been a very long week.

But first the autumn colors, which have just been spectacular. There are still enough leaves on the trees and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets this past week have really illuminated them. Notwithstanding the dread that many feel about needing to rake them, but the leaves on the ground look pretty, too. Thanks to Chelsea Kahl-Devine for sending me this great photo of her puppy, Quinn, amid the colorful leaves.

Election night is notoriously a marathon experience for reporters, and not unexpectedly it was just after 3:30 a.m. when I turned off the light after finally finishing up writing about West Hartford’s municipal election. Prior to sitting down to…

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