WEB EXCLUSIVE: What happened to the ‘Do Not Call’ list?

 WEB EXCLUSIVE: What happened to the ‘Do Not Call’ list?

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Scams calls are at an uptick throughout the nation.

Scam callers are those that call unsuspecting people in an attempt to pry into information like your social security number, address, or passwords.

And although some residents say they’ve signed up for various apps and systems to prevent getting these calls, they still come through.

What happened to the “Do Not Call Registry?”

“The ‘Do Not Call Registry’ still exists. And the problem with the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ is that with current technology, you can fake a phone number that you’re calling from. So you can pick a random phone number in the community and use that number to call from by basically doing some electronic wizardry,” says Bill Gardner, a Cyber Security Assistant Professor at Marshall University:

He says, although helpful, the Do Not Call list has a few downfalls like…

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