Washington County Economic Report: The economy is complicated

Photo: Downtown Montpelier. Photo by Richardson Photography.

A matter of perspective: Strong economy, downtowns are vibrant. And. Finding workers is tough, and the county needs more housing.

by Olga Peters, Vermont Business Magazine Washington County’s economy is booming. It has a solid real estate market, and communities have weathered COVID better than expected.

But doing business in Washington County is tough. Fewer people are coming downtown because of either pandemic concerns, or they’re working remotely, and it’s hard to find enough staff.

Both statements are true, depending on where you sit. Because the economy of the state’s third most populated county isn’t either prosperity or struggle. It is a mixture.

In 2019, the county’s median household income of $62,791, was higher than the statewide median, according to the Economic and Labor Information Division of the Vermont Department of Labor. While the…

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