Unclaimed tax refunds » Scammer News

 Unclaimed tax refunds » Scammer News

**In the video, above, more on child tax credit payments**

CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Internal Revenue Service says millions of dollars in tax refunds are unclaimed but there’s an expiration date if you want to collect yours.

The IRS says this is an evergreen issue each year because people who didn’t file tax a return, miss out on refunds and credits.

A 36-month window is given for anyone who doesn’t fill out a tax return but wants to claim their refund.

Before the window closed in 2021 for the 2017 unclaimed tax refunds, 48,700 Ohioans were missing out on their refunds, which was nearly $48 million total at an average of $852 per person.

But the IRS says that might not be the only reason Ohioans are missing out on money that rightfully belongs in their own pocket.

There are a number of tax refunds that were claimed but…

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