Ukraine’s is failing to tackle its scam call centres

 Ukraine’s is failing to tackle its scam call centres

More than 18 months after a massive expose in the international media, Ukraine’s dubious call centres – including one located in the heart of Kyiv – continue to operate with impunity.

Many people would say that central Kyiv is the worst part of Ukraine’s capital city.

Downtown, across the street from the historical Bessarabian Market, lies the Mandarin Plaza commercial centre, which encapsulates why many feel this way.

At one end, it is filled with high-end luxury fashion boutiques, catering to Ukraine’s upper crust. At the other end is Arena City, a courtyard full of bars, a few chain restaurants, at least two strip clubs, a brothel, and – somewhat surprisingly – offices.

At various times of day, the courtyard becomes full of workers from these offices – primarily young people from all over the world, from places as far away as Ecuador and Pakistan.

They work for what is probably the biggest…

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