Uganda: Agape Ministries Accused of Fleecing Contractors

 Uganda: Agape Ministries Accused of Fleecing Contractors

Agape Sanctuary Ministries International, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), recently suspended by the NGO board, is under the spotlight over failure to pay 212 contractors, who were hired to build churches, schools and hospitals in Uganda in 2017.

An offshoot of a worldwide Christian organisation, whose spiritual birthplace is in Brazil, more than 300 churches in Uganda subscribe to this faith.

The ministry, which has a number of churches in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan, is headed by Bishop Monday Wilson Bwambale.

The contractors accuse the church of breaching the terms of contracts and demand Shs17b.

However, Agape ministries accuses the contractors of frustrating the multibillion shillings project due to delay.

Four years later, the contractors say they are choking on debt and have lost property to shylocks and commercial banks.

Ms Eve Kukandakwe, the headmistress of Watoto Junior School, has for the last two…

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