Tracking the latest economic data

 Tracking the latest economic data

After more than a year of financial devastation caused by shutdowns driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nevada economy is undergoing a major recovery. 

Through the beginning months of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Nevadans lost their jobs and the state’s most vital industries lost millions of dollars in revenue. High COVID-19 caseloads forced many businesses to scale back or shut down, as social-distancing guidelines and capacity limits remained in place.

Since the state’s vaccine rollout began in December, cases have declined, the state has gained greater control over the public health crisis and safety restrictions have eased, allowing businesses to open to a greater capacity and allowing the state to once again bring back millions of visitors each month.

Tens of thousands of Nevadans continue to receive unemployment benefits, and some businesses have been permanently closed by the pandemic. However, some parts of…

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