Three Ways BTS’s Suga Made YouTube History With ‘Daechwita’

 Three Ways BTS’s Suga Made YouTube History With ‘Daechwita’

Earlier this month, BTS member Suga hit a very special milestone, as his solo single “Daechwita” earned its ten millionth like on YouTube. Last year, the song was released as the only single from his solo mixtape D-2, which was unleashed under his alter ego Agust D, which he uses when sharing tunes without his bandmates.

“Daechwita” was a fan favorite from the moment it arrived, and by hitting 10 million likes on YouTube, it has joined a relatively small number of videos created by South Korean musicians to reach that mark. Simply by making it to that point, Suga (or Agust D) has made history in several ways.

Second South Korean Solo Male Musician

When the “Daechwita” video finally reached 10 million likes on YouTube, Suga joined just one other solo male musician from his home country in this feat. Before the BTS singer accomplished the incredible showing, only Psy had managed to do so. The singer’s viral sensation “Gangnam Style” hit, and then passed, 10 million likes on the video platform a long time ago, and now it ranks among the most-liked visuals ever by South Korean acts. That clip, which catapulted him to global fame and introduced millions to K-pop nearly a decade ago, has already racked up more than 21 million thumbs-ups.

Third South Korean Solo Musician

In addition to Psy, only one other musician from South Korea operating on their own has seen at least one video collect 10 million likes on YouTube. Jennie, best known as one-fourth of the band Blackpink, has one huge solo hit, and it was a major win on the Google

-owned platform as well.

Jennie’s appropriately-named “Solo” has also earned 10 million likes on YouTube.

Second South Korean Musician To Do So In A Band And Solo

Looking at the three names listed above, one stands out from the others. Psy has only produced big hits as a solo musician, and not with a band as well, like Jennie and Suga have. Both of those stars have seen visuals they produced on their own and with their groups reach 10 million likes on the site, which is rare for names from any country, as it’s not common that people strike gold twice under different names.

So far, BTS have seen at least 11 different treatments rack up 10 million likes or more on YouTube. Blackpink has now collected half a dozen uploads with a like count that contains eight digits. Both BTS and Blackpink are well on their way to improving their sums, and it may only be a matter of weeks before one or both of them scores another.