The world needs a different type of ambition

 The world needs a different type of ambition

We all have our favourite crises to use as excuses for poor action or to justify the lack of motivation to confront them.

There are crises of values, of pandemics, of demography, economy, energy, financial speculation, education, cultural pasteurisation of identities, the trivialisation of life, or the misery that explodes from the lack of water affecting more than a billion people.

The question is no longer which crisis seems more threatening. The real threat seems to come from an impressive convergence of critical trends, the synergy of a whole set of behaviours that are not easily understandable — because they are deeply irresponsible and often criminal — that plague our little spaceship.

In recent decades, we have almost closed the planet’s statistical horizon. With all possible variations in the details, overall, we know, pretty well, what is going on. And the image that emerges is simply…

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