The Evolution Of Convenience In Financial Markets

 The Evolution Of Convenience In Financial Markets

The Amazon Effect has woven its way into every corner of our lifestyles. It’s worn down our patience for waiting and encouraged us to try new brands in the pursuit of speed and convenience. And every business sector has been affected.

Of course, retail was the first to experience the Amazon Effect. During the 2000s, Amazon enjoyed explosive growth. Eventually, its retail competition realized that making changes to win back customers would involve changes. As such, many retailers began investing in mobile technologies and reimagining their service offerings.

The result has been a massive shift in shopping opportunities for buyers. Today, they can order an item and pick it up in the store. They can even pull up to the curb and have their pre-purchased product delivered right to their trunk. Or, they can order something online, have it delivered overnight to their house, and bypass brick-and-mortar forever.

But the Amazon Effect…

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