The Everything Bubble Sees Investors Flock To Safety

 The Everything Bubble Sees Investors Flock To Safety

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The South Sea Bubble in 1720. The Great Depression Bubble in 1929. The Dot-com Bubble in 2000. The Housing Bubble in 2008. History shows us that emerging markets get into serious trouble when big bubbles burst. Billions are lost while fortunes are made. Many analysts believe we are on the verge of another epic bubble in financial history. And it’s getting ready to pop.

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Dubbed “The Everything Bubble”, the market is once again showing the familiar characteristics of a bubble. Global debt has ballooned to 365% of GDP. Bitcoin has risen over 300%. Real estate prices have escalated rapidly. P-E ratios are high and continuing to climb. SPAC IPO transactions are constantly streaming in. And massive…

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