The Dirty Dozen: Scams, 2021 style

 The Dirty Dozen: Scams, 2021 style

Every year, the Internal Revenue Services publishes a “Dirty Dozen” list of scams. The 2021 list is a must-read.

The countdown starts with pandemic-related scams. Top is the stimulus payment theft, which comes in text messages, phone calls and emails asking about bank account information or requesting recipients to click on a link or verify personal data to receive the payment. These should be deleted without opening. Remember, the IRS will not initiate contact by phone, email, text or social media.

Next up are scammers filing fraudulent claims for unemployment compensation using stolen personal information. If you receive a Form 1099-G, which reports unemployment compensation, submit a fraud report to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Moving on to old scams with new twists: phishing emails. These target individuals to steal personal information. They are often disguised to look like they are from the IRS. This year they have…

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