The Blue Nile Dam: History, geopolitics, and pan-Africanism

 The Blue Nile Dam: History, geopolitics, and pan-Africanism
Tis Isat Fall, Abbay River (known as Nile river outside of Ethiopia )

By Prof. Getachew Metaferia

The Nile Valley Politics: Historical Perspective and current reality

The Nile river, made up of the White Nile originating from Lake Victoria and the Blue Nile originating in Ethiopia, is one of the longest rivers in the world. Lately, despite its potential for regional integration and development, the river has been plagued with intense controversies. Historically, the Nile enabled and empowered great civilizations. It was romanticized throughout  antiquity and tempted powers from near and far with conquest and discovery. The Ethiopian emperors (from 330 AD to 1959) used the Nile as an instrument of threat against the Egyptians when the latter delayed sending patriarchs (Abune) to head the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, or when Egypt’s Muslim rulers mistreated Christians in their realm. The Egyptians believed the river to be a gift to them…

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