The 25 Most Popular Shows On Netflix In 2021 (Update: April 24)

 The 25 Most Popular Shows On Netflix In 2021 (Update: April 24)

For the past couple of months, two shows have dominated Netflix’s Top 10 charts: Ginny & Georgia and Who Killed Sara? Each of those programs’ first-place reigns allowed them to skyrocket up Netflix’s popularity charts for 2021—while just about every other show playing catch up. But this past week was a different story, as three new shows have entered the Top 25 thanks to their impressive runs.

How are these yearly popularity charts determined? Each day, I track where each show ranks on the Top 10 list. I then assign points accordingly and keep track of each show’s score over the course of the year.

So how are the 2021 charts shaping up this week? As of April 24, these have been the 25 most popular shows on Netflix this year (the bolded selections are newcomers to this list):

  1. CoComelon – 618 points
  2. Ginny & Georgia – 441 points
  3. Bridgerton – 438 points
  4. iCarly – 359 points
  5. Who Killed Sara? – 247 points
  6. Firefly Lane – 238 points
  7. Behind Her Eyes – 199 points
  8. Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio – 195 points
  9. Good Girls – 181 points
  10. Henry Danger – 162 points
  11. Cobra Kai – 157 points
  12. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer – 153 points
  13. The Serpent – 137 points
  14. Fate: The Winx Saga – 136 points
  15. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel – 133 points
  16. The One – 118 points
  17. The Irregulars – 112 points
  18. L.A.’s Finest – 110 points
  19. Go, Dog. Go! – 106 points
  20. Lupin – 103 points
  21. The Sinner – 90 points
  22. The Circle – 87 points
  23. This is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist – 84 points
  24. The Baker and the Beauty – 83 points
  25. TIE: Murder Among the Mormons, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! – 80 points

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The three newcomers to the Top 25 made their Netflix premieres at pretty much the same time. The Circle and Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! debuted on April 14, while The Baker and the Beauty became available on April 15—and all three wasted no time dominating the daily Top 10 charts.

Despite the fact that Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!—a new comedy series starring Jamie Foxx and Kyla-Drew—spent four days in the #1 spot and nabbed 80 total points, The Circle ended up having a better 10-day opening with 87 points. The Circle slowly rose up until finally reaching the #1 position eight days into its run, while Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! has steadily fallen down the charts since its promising start.

The best opening, however, has belonged to ABC’s romantic dramedy The Baker and the Beauty, which so far has averaged more points per day than either The Circle or Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! And much like The Circle, The Baker and the Beauty didn’t reach the first-place position until several days after its premiere. Historically, I have found this to be a sign that these kinds of shows have lasting power. So I would expect both The Baker and the Beauty and The Circle to continue to thrive—while the days for a show like Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! are likely numbered.

While this week’s version of Top 25 looks similar to last week’s, there were a couple of notable shifts near the top of the list. The Serpent moved up three notches into the 13th-place position, while Who Killed Sara? moved past Firefly Lane to nab the #5 spot.

But the biggest news is that Ginny & Georgia finally pushed past Bridgerton to claim the #2 position, officially making it Netflix’s most popular new scripted series in 2021. On the all-time charts, Ginny & Georgia has now claimed the #6 spot.

There was only one casualty this week. Last Chance U: Basketball, which currently has 76 points, was kicked off the list after the three new shows hopped on.

These rankings will continue to be updated weekly, so stay tuned next week to see which shows have moved up and down the list.