Texas Teachers Asked to Snitch on Colleagues Promoting ‘Radical Politics and Weird Theories’

DALLAS—Some teachers at the Dallas Independent School District woke up to an email this week asking them to rat out any fellow employees for supposedly promoting so-called “critical race theory” and “predatory gender fluidity.” And they’re not happy about it.

Two teachers who received the email on Wednesday shared their reactions with The Daily Beast. Both teachers requested to remain anonymous for fear of being reported on amid an increasingly tense environment for teachers.

“I was incredulous that someone would take the time to write and disperse it,” one middle school teacher told The Daily Beast. “I clicked on the unsubscribe button and input that my reason for unsubscribing was that ‘this is racist, homophobic trash.’”

“When I saw the email I thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” said one elementary school teacher. “I knew this was a view held by a lot of conservatives, that there is some…

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