Teen launches “Farm To Fashion” business

 Teen launches “Farm To Fashion” business

DUTTON — Farm-to-fashion is the passion of Kate Stephens, who at 16 years old launched the future of her family business as a fourth-generation farmer.

After running combines with her dad at 15, Kate was inspired by the history of her family’s farm that dates back to 1912 to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers – a mission that has her grandfather Robert Stephens happy to know the next generation is interested in continuing the farming tradition.

Robert said, “Well, she’s a neat gal. For her age she’s done a great job. It surprises me, you don’t really see too many young people start on something and stay with it. I keep telling her, ‘Don’t put too much on your plate. If you’re gonna do a job you do it right or you don’t do it at all.’”

And does he think she’s doing it right? “I think she’s doing a real good job now. She’s working real hard at it, I’ll tell ya.”

Now Kate has taken to social media…

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