SunLive – Gang associates nabbed in loan scam operation

 SunLive – Gang associates nabbed in loan scam operation

Police have arrested three people with links to the Head Hunters motorcycle gang after they allegedly obtained over half a million dollars in fraudulent loans.

Organised Crime Unit detectives, assisted by the Northland Asset Recovery Unit and district staff, carried out a total of five search warrants throughout Northland, Hamilton and Auckland this week.

The warrants were part of a Northland Organised Crime Unit operation targeting the group who have allegedly been obtaining cash through fraudulent car loan applications over several years, says Detective Senior Sergeant Kevan Verry.

It’s alleged the key player has been scamming finance companies into offering loans to purchase cars since 2017.

“Falsified bank documents were allegedly used to get loans approved and then fake settlement statements were produced to obtain further loans and more money,” says Kevan.

A 30-year-old woman is facing 22…

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