Street Cred in Green Bay

 Street Cred in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WFRV) – As a fellow New Yorker now calling Green Bay home, I love to see that the image of Vince Lombardi still looms large in this football town.

I love how with humor and gusto cheeseheads embrace their beer drinking and brat loving image.

But as part of my series called “Street Cred,” I set out to find more about the history and how it will shape the future of this city at the mouth of the Fox River on Lake Michigan.

As it turns out, Main Street was long the major roadway that brought travelers to and from this hub where many staked their claim in a tradition of trading selling and settling that spans generations.

I started by looking at this famous thoroughfare from a completely different angel.

Recently, I ventured atop the Main Street Commons building with Jeff Mirkes who is the Executive Director of Downtown Green Bay and Olde Main Street, Inc.

“This is a view not many…

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