Stop Shaming People On Their Steak Preferences

 Stop Shaming People On Their Steak Preferences

We have good friends who are staunch vegans. Me? I consider pork a major food group. But when we go to their house, I eat vegan, and I don’t hate it. I might joke that I’ve got a chicken wing in my pocket for later, but I respect them. And if we go out to dinner with them and I order a steak, they might scold me a little after—but we stay good friends. (And I just keep ordering a bigger steak every time they yell at me.)

It’s all about respect. In fact, I have a few rules about talking about other people’s food, and they start there:

1. Respect Your Surroundings

The dinner table, inside or out, is a place to commune. A place to enjoy each other. To listen. One of the problems with conversations about food politics is they’re often done from a place of shaming. “I know more than you.” “I’m more educated.” Shouting into the wind like that doesn’t show respect, and it doesn’t change opinions. As…

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