St. Johns County’s real estate market keeps booming

 St. Johns County’s real estate market keeps booming

Victor J. Raymos

CEO St. Augustine/St. Johns County Board of Realtors

According to the July 2021 statistical report for housing in St. Johns County, the housing market continues to be very active.

The demand is greater than the supply of houses, which continues to be critically low and still declining. The interest rates remain low and the prices continue to accelerate. Building materials cost and availability continues to a problem for new construction. 

The market continues to be a seller’s market. If you are looking to maximize the gain on the sale of your house, now is the time to consider listing and selling your home. The decision to sell now is complicated by the desire to wait for the maximum time to realize the maximum gain. Also, if you sell now, you will have to use some of your current gain on the purchase of you next home.

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