Spotting the difference between real giveaways and scams

 Spotting the difference between real giveaways and scams

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – The Better Business Bureau is warning people not to fall victim to fake prize offers or false giveaways. Jo-Ann Deal with the BBB of Northeast Louisiana says these scams are rampant around the area and they’ve had a lot of calls over the last few weeks.

“Quite often someone will reach out to you on social media claiming to be your sister-in-law your brother-in-law or, in one case, another farmer in another part of the parish who have gotten some kind of grant or offer that you need to also take advantage of,” explains Deal. “If there is a strange wording in these messages or if there’s misspelled words or English structure that’s not normal for our area or even for standard English, this is a red flag.”

She says it can be confusing because some offers are real, like the Publisher’s Clearing House giveaway. But, she says if someone calls you out of the blue it’s probably not real.

“However the…

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