Software Developers Vital in Connected Economy

 Software Developers Vital in Connected Economy

A primary challenge of the connected economy is continuously building out and then enhancing the billions of connections powering popular omnichannel experiences that shoppers, merchants, payments providers and technology partners all now have a stake in.

In a PYMNTS interview, PayPal Senior Director of Developer Experiences Mudita Tiwari spoke of the increasing demands on those who literally build connected experiences — developers — whose behind-the-scenes task is creating and sustaining seamless connections.

“What we are realizing is that it’s not just the front-end experiences that need a solid investment; it’s your [back-end and] payments processing,” she said. “That is incredibly important because there’s the aspect of trust and security that our consumers want.”


Calling developers “the under-served segment,” Tiwari said that’s changing now.

“Massive digitization has put the developers front and…

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