Sheldon council to look at server upgrade | News

 Sheldon council to look at server upgrade | News

SHELDON—The city of Sheldon is looking to renew its information technology services with Super Hi-Tech along with upgrading its server during the city council meeting Wednesday, May 5.

The city’s last server was purchased from Sheldon’s Super Hi-Tech in 2013, before co-owner Wayne Barahona was a member of the council. The resolution is on the new business portion of the agenda so Barahona can abstain from voting on the resolution. If there are questions, Barahona can answer from the floor.

According to the explanation on the city council agenda, a typical server life span is around five years. The new server along with the necessary software comes at a cost of $2,649.94, according to a quote from Super Hi-Tech.

The company also gave a quote for full services through June 30, 2022, which would cover…

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