Scammers dupe Burnaby owner with fake strata company

 Scammers dupe Burnaby owner with fake strata company

A Burnaby homeowners is warning others about a new scam hitting people in the community over their email.

Many homeowners are signed up to receive emails from the company hired by their building’s strata to manage it. Those residents often receive emails from the strata company.

Terry is one of those people and so she wasn’t surprised to get an email about strata issues. This email said the strata had hired a new company to manage the building and that residents needed to sign up through the email by clicking a link.

“I thought it was legit,” said Terry. “We’ve replaced the strata managers before and I thought this was happening because we’ve been unhappy with the management. But I don’t follow the meetings closely and so I didn’t realize that this wasn’t in the works. And so I clicked on the link and a bunch of other owners have been victimized. People need to be aware of this.”

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