Scam phone call problem ‘definitely getting worse’

 Scam phone call problem ‘definitely getting worse’

The problem of scam calls is ‘definitely getting worse’, one consumer expert says.

If you’ve been getting frequent suspicious calls from numbers that appear to be from Irish mobiles, you’re certainly not alone.

One common recent scam is a recorded message falsely claiming to be from the Department of Social Protection. If the receiver responds by pressing a prompt, then a scammer will attempt to extract personal information or data.

Another sees scammers call a number and hang up after just one or two rings. If the receiver returns the call, they’ll be put through to a premium phone line and charged a significant amount of money.

Mary Berry, Owner of Cottage Heights B&B in Castletownbere, told Lunchtime Live she fears the huge amount of scam calls means she’s losing business.

Scam phone call problem ‘definitely getting worse’

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She explained: “People are ringing, and they ring the phone…

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