Rock Island County to have redistricting plan done by November | Politics and elections

The Rock Island County board is ahead of schedule with downsizing from 25 to 19 members and reapportioning the districts.

County Board Chairman Richard “Quijas” Brunk informed members of the governance, health and administration committee meeting on Monday that the process is going smoothly.

New maps and reapportionment should be ready for board approval in November. 

“We are still on track to be able to have everything finalized and filed no later than November,” Brunk said. “We have through December, but my goal is to be able to have this completed no later than November and we are still on track with that.”

Board members voted in April to reapportion the districts and in May, approved a contract with Berteau Consulting, LLC and Grapple, LLC, at a cost of $15,000 to redraw the districts. 

The state of Illinois moved the deadline from July to the end of December for a final map to be redrawn and submitted to County Clerk Karen…

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