River Ridge woman loses $500 in Amazon scam

 River Ridge woman loses $500 in Amazon scam

River Ridge (WVUE) – Nanette Caster of River Ridge uses Amazon regularly. “I had ordered a pen set, and I ended up with two of the same one so I was trying to get in touch with them (Amazon) to see about returning it,” she said.

So she called Amazon, or at least she thought she did. “It turns out I called the wrong number,” Caster explained.

But at the time, she was under the impression she was talking to an Amazon employee. “They were telling me that I had purchased $1700 on my account,” she said.

The person on the phone explained before he could help her with a return, she needed to clear her account, which showed charges for an I-phone 11 and a pair of Nike shoes, totaling $1700.

“I was like what? That can’t be right! Cause I did not order that. I mean they claim that it was someone from California that did that,” Caster said.

Regardless, the man on the phone explained she was responsible.

“He said to offset the…

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