Rep. Ilhan Omar gets into Twitter smackdown with Georgia GOP women

 Rep. Ilhan Omar gets into Twitter smackdown with Georgia GOP women

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Georgia’s Senate runoff race has spawned a vicious social-media insult-fest pitting Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar against two Peach State Republican women — revealing worsening partisan bad blood in Congress.

GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler threw the first punch on Twitter Friday, after Omar defended Georgia Senate Dem candidate Raphael Warnock for saying that “no one can serve God and the military” — fighting words in a state that supports multiple military bases.

“@IlhanMN completely agrees with his disgraceful comments about our active service members, veterans, and their families,” Loeffler posted, adding that “The Squad” — the group of four progressive congresswomen that includes Omar and AOC — shares Warnock’s “dangerous & extreme agenda.”

“Blatant lies,” Omar responded. “Pro tip: to win an election you run on ideas, debate your actual opponent and defend your record, not run against the Squad. Ask Trump, he f#%d around and found out.”

“You should be expelled from Congress,” Loeffler replied, citing “the video of you smiling and laughing while talking about al-Qaeda & 9/11” and reports that the Democrat funneled $2.9 million to her husband’s consulting firm. “We know that you’re an unabashed anti-Semite.”

Omar shot back: “Kelly, I just won my re-election and [you’re] about to lose your job.”

Rep. Ilhan OmarRep. Ilhan OmarEric Miller/Reuters

This brought Georgia’s GOP Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene into the fray.

“Back down,” Greene wrote. “You married your brother, so you’re disqualified from running your mouth.” In January, The Post reported on an FBI probe of allegations that Omar had committed immigration fraud through her 2009 marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, her rumored brother.

“Looks like the crazy lady has logged on,” Omar retorted to Greene, who has been censored by Twitter for promoting right-wing conspiracy theories, including some popularized by QAnon. “You have to get off the looney train now that you are in Congress.”