Prince Andrew partners with banker accused of sexual harassment

 Prince Andrew partners with banker accused of sexual harassment

Britain’s Prince Andrew — who remains scarred by his ties to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — has reportedly gone into business with a banker once accused of sexually harassing staff.

Andrew — who was dumped from royal duties over his links to Epstein — set up a company with Harry Keogh to handle his family investments, according to the Times of London.

Keogh until 2018 had been a lead banker who looked after the “most influential clients” at Coutts, the almost 330-year-old British bank used by Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the monarchy.

He quit soon after the Wall Street Journal revealed a damning investigation into his leadership at the bank — including allegations that he touched a female staffer’s groin and later asked her to touch his, the paper had said.

He was also accused of openly bragging about his sexual exploits while creating a heavy-drinking “boys club” where there was “casual racism and sexism,” with several female staff quitting because of it, according to the initial report.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew.
Harry Keogh worked at the 330-year-old bank used by Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the monarchy before stepping down.

The bank’s CEO had earlier recommended Keogh be fired after a hushed-up 2015 investigation into complaints about his behavior, the WSJ said at the time.

Instead, the bank disciplined Keogh by withholding a bonus, giving him a written warning and assigning a coach, but allowing him to continue interacting with royalty and celebrity clients, the WSJ said.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
Harry Keogh has reportedly been Prince Andrew’s private banker for 20 years.
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Keogh told the UK Times that he could not comment on the allegations because of a non-disclosure agreement. A friend said he has always denied the allegations and sued the bank for unfair dismissal.

The Duke of York picked Keogh to help run his new venture because he is a “friend and adviser” who has been his “private banker for some 20 years,” a friend of the royal told the UK Times.

The business, named Lincelles after the 18th-century battle against the French in which the British were commanded by the then-Duke of York, is understood to be a vehicle for Andrew’s family investments — and was established to support his family, the paper said.

Andrew, 61, felt comfortable going into business with Keogh because the allegations against the banker “don’t appear to have been subject to any investigation by law enforcement or independent third parties and nor have they been tested by due process in a court of law,” the friend said.

Andrew controls 75 percent of Lincelles while Keogh is listed as a fellow controller of the venture, set up under the Urramoor Trust.

Prince Andrew and other members of the Royal Family attend Princess Eugenie's wedding.
Prince Andrew picked Keogh (left) to help run his new venture because he is a “friend and adviser.”

It has been structured as an unlimited company, making it required to neither file official accounts nor disclose its profits or income, the UK paper said.

A spokesman for the prince said his “private office established the Urramoor Trust, which owns both Lincelles Unlimited and Urramoor Limited, a private limited company, which files public accounts.”

“The trust, of which the Duke of York is settlor but not a beneficiary, has independent trustees,” the spokesman told the UK Times.

“The duke is not an owner of either Lincelles or Urramoor Limited as a matter of fact and law. Lincelles Unlimited has never been operational, has not received any funds or paid any moneys out.”

A mural of Prince Andrew.
Prince Andrew has been plagued by his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, including being dropped from his royal duties.
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Federal prosecutors have repeatedly accused Andrew of refusing to help the ongoing investigation into Epstein’s sex-trafficking ring.

Andrew has, however, long expressed regret at his friendship with Epstein, insisting he was oblivious to his deviant lifestyle. The royal has also repeatedly denied claims that he had sex three times with one of the late pedophile’s accusers.