Pinellas legislators recap 2021 Session

 Pinellas legislators recap 2021 Session

Six members of the Pinellas County legislative delegation met Wednesday to recap this year’s Legislative Session in a discussion that highlighted the partisan divide in Tallahassee, and the unique challenges lawmakers faced this year amid a global pandemic.

Lawmakers emphasized the unprecedented 2021 Session, with COVID-19 precautions closing off the Capitol and “culture war” legislation taking center stage. 

Most Republican members defined the Session with sentiments of content, with freshman Rep. Traci Koster labeling the it a “rebound” from COVID-19, and Rep. Chris Latvala getting straight to the point by touting the session as “conservative” — hinting at the state’s GOP majority.

“I think that the central focus of this Legislative Session was COVID,” Koster said. “I think it permeated through much of what we did this Session and we focused on a rebound of our state.”

Democrats took on a more somber…

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