Patriots Linebacker Dabbles in Housing Market

 Patriots Linebacker Dabbles in Housing Market

Kyle and Marissa Van Noy (Getty)

Kyle Van Noy may be best known for mowing down running backs on the gridiron, but the two-time Super Bowl champ has also launched a lucrative side-hustle in real estate.

The veteran NFL linebacker and his wife, Marissa, have made almost $2 million buying, renovating and selling homes since 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported. More profits could be coming, as the home-flipping couple has two additional renovation projects underway.

Professional athletes’ lives are often nomadic, with trades and contract signings forcing them to move on a near-annual basis. Marissa has used the opportunity to launch a career, forming the Three Golden Cranes design firm with her mother and sister.

The couple began flipping homes in 2015, feeling jaded after the value of a property they were renting kept rising during Van Noy’s tenure with the Detroit Lions. They seized the opportunity to buy a townhouse in…

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