Joe Biden to Floyd family after verdict: 'We're all so

WASHINGTON: Before Tuesday's guilty verdicts were read out, President Joe Biden said he was praying for "the right verdict" in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Telephoning George Floyd's family later, he said of himself and Vice President Kamala Harris: "We're all so relieved." Chauvin was convicted of two counts of murder and one of manslaughter in the death of Floyd, a case that sparked a national reckoning on race and policing. Biden said he hoped the verdict would give momentum to congressional police reform efforts. Floyd family attorney Ben readmore

Document: Kristin Smart once buried in suspect's backyard

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California college student missing for nearly 25 years was once buried in the backyard of the home owned by the murder suspect's father, authorities said in a court document.The body of Kristin Smart, which has never been found, was recently moved from the home of Ruben Flores, a prosecutor said, according to a document filed Monday and posted on social media by a reporter for The Tribune of San Luis Obispo.Ruben Flores, 80, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of accessory after the murder for hiding Smart's body after his son allegedly killed readmore

In Minneapolis, a fortified city in wake of Derek Chauvin

MINNEAPOLIS: Just outside the entrance to Smile Orthodontics, in a Minneapolis neighborhood of craft breweries and trendy shops, two soldiers in jungle camouflage and body armor were on watch, assault rifles slung over their backs. Snow flurries blew around them. A few steps away at the Iron Door Pub, three more National Guard soldiers and a Minneapolis police officer stood out front, watching the street. A handful of other soldiers were scattered nearby, along with four camouflaged Humvees and a couple police cars. Across the street was a boarded-up building spray-painted with big yellow letters: "BLACK LIVES MATTER ALL readmore

A semitruck drove through a crowd celebrating the conviction of

People cheer after a guilty verdict was announced at the trial of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin for the 2020 death of George Floyd, Tuesday, April 20, 2021, in Minneapolis, Minn. Associated PressA semitruck drove through a crowd in Minneapolis as people celebrated Derek Chauvin's murder conviction.It's unclear if anyone was hurt.Video of the incident shows people surrounding the truck after it drove into the crowd.Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.A truck appeared to drive through a crowd of people in Minneapolis celebrating Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict in George Floyd's death on Tuesday.readmore

Belgian artist’s ‘portable oasis’ offers COVID protection — and fresh

When governments around Europe told people to create a “bubble” to limit their social contacts during the COVID-19 pandemic, this was probably not what they had in mind. Alain Verschueren, a Belgian artist and social worker, has been strolling through the capital Brussels wearing a “portable oasis” – a plexiglass mini-greenhouse which rests on his shoulders, cocooning him in a bubble of air purified by the aromatic plants inside. Verschueren, 61, developed the idea 15 years ago, inspired by the lush oases in Tunisia where he had previously worked. In a city where face coverings are mandatory to curb the spread of COVID-19, readmore

Explainer: What are charges against Derek Chauvin in George Floyd's

MINNEAPOLIS: The 12 jurors who reached a verdict Tuesday in the case against Derek Chauvin had three counts to consider as they weighed whether he is responsible for the death of George Floyd. Chauvin is charged with second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. He could be convicted on all of the charges, some or none. The decision was expected to be announced Tuesday afternoon. The case comes down to two key questions - whether Chauvin caused Floyd's death and whether his actions were reasonable - and each charge requires a different element of proof as to Chauvin's readmore

'Did I strike a nerve?': House police reform hearing erupts

The New York TimesAmid Biden Climate Push, a Question Looms: Is America's Word Good?WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden faces a fundamental question as he convenes heads of state this week in a virtual summit to declare that the United States is ready to reclaim a leadership role in the fight against climate change: Is America’s word still any good? The question is dogging Biden as he tries to reassert the American role in other parts of the world stage after four years of Donald Trump’s America First isolationism. Trading partners wonder how long a thaw on multilateral readmore

McCarthy forces censure vote over Waters’ call for protestors to

House Republicans on Tuesday forced a vote to censure Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) for calling on protesters to “get more confrontational” if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin were to be acquitted of murder charges in the killing of George Floyd.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) introduced the privileged censure resolution, forcing the vote on the floor. The motion to censure was ultimately defeated in a party line vote 216-210, with Democrats defending Waters’ inflammatory comments. “This weekend in Minnesota, Maxine Waters broke the law by violating curfew and then incited violence. Speaker Pelosi is ignoring Waters’ behavior—that’readmore

EU agency links Johnson & Johnson shot to rare clots,

LONDON: The European Union's drug regulatory agency said Tuesday that it found a "possible link" between Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine and extremely rare blood clots and recommended a warning be added to the label. But experts at the agency reiterated that the vaccine's benefits outweigh the risks. The European Medicines Agency made its determination after examining a small number of clot cases in people vaccinated in the US. It said these problems should be considered "very rare side effects of the vaccine." J&J immediately announced it will revise its label readmore