Norway lends AstraZeneca vaccine jabs to Sweden, Iceland

COPENHAGEN: Norway will lend all of its 216,000 doses of AstraZeneca to neighboring Sweden and Iceland as long as its own government regulator has paused the use of the vaccine. On March 11, Norway followed Denmark in deciding to put on hold jabs by the British-Swedish company after reports of very rare blood clots. Health Minister Bent Hoeie said if the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine is resumed, "we will get back the doses we lend as soon as we request it." The European Medicines Agency has said the benefits of being immunized against Covid-19 outweigh the very rare risks readmore

India's COVID tsunami is the worst in the world. Why

In America, it’s easy to believe — and likely correct, given the country’s rapid pace of vaccination and high level of prior infection — that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is over.But in India right now, every day is worse than the last.“In the last 24 hours alone, [India has] had 300,000 cases, and that’s most certainly an undercount,” said Dr. Kavita Patel, a Yahoo News medical contributor. “In some parts of India, like Mumbai and New Delhi, as high as 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 people are testing positive, [and that’s] actually, again, an underestimate. As a result, readmore

Russia arrests over 1,700 at rallies for hunger-striking Navalny

Police rounded up more than 1,700 protesters on Wednesday as Russians in dozens of cities took part in rallies organized by allies of hunger-striking Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny over his failing health in jail. His spokeswoman was jailed for 10 days and another close ally detained, on the same day that President Vladimir Putin delivered a state-of-the-nation speech warning the West not to cross Russia’s “red lines” and pointedly made no mention of Navalny. “This is one of the last gasps of a free Russia, as many are saying. We came out for Alexei … against a war in Ukraine and the readmore

Instagram star cat Ponzu killed after owner ‘attacked’ in New

Ponzu the cat, who was allegedly killed in an attack on it’s owner, Chanan Aksornnan. (Love Nature / YouTube)A cat with more than 30 million Instagram followers was killed in an alleged attack on its owner and Instagram chef, Chanan Aksornnan.Ms Askornnan, known as ‘Chef Bao Bao’, was walking Ponzu and four other pets with her boyfriend in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park on 4 April.A boy tripped on Ponzu’s leash, and then pulled on it, according to an account of the incident by Facebook user ChaRee Pim.The cat was dragged along by the leash and “up ... into readmore

Commonwealth panel acknowledges racism in honoring war dead

LONDON: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has apologized after an investigation found that at least 161,000 mostly Africans and Indians who died fighting for the British Empire during World War I weren't properly honored due to "pervasive racism." The investigation found that at least 116,000 people - and possibly as many as 350,000 - were either not commemorated by name or weren't commemorated at all, according to findings released Thursday. In addition, between 45,000 and 54,000 casualties were "commemorated unequally." "We apologize unreservedly for the historical wrongs found in this report and for failing to live up to readmore

Workers file 547,000 new jobless claims in sign COVID layoffs

WASHINGTON — The number of Americans applying for unemployment aid fell last week to 547,000, a new low since the pandemic struck and a further encouraging sign that layoffs are slowing on the strength of an improving job market. The Labor Department said Thursday that applications declined 39,000 from a revised 586,000 a week earlier. Weekly jobless claims are down sharply from a peak of 900,000 in early January. At the same time, they’re still far above the roughly 250,000 level that prevailed before the viral outbreak ripped through the economy in March of last year. About 17.4 million people were continuing to collect unemployment benefits readmore