Prince Andrew partners with banker accused of sexual harassment

Britain’s Prince Andrew — who remains scarred by his ties to late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein — has reportedly gone into business with a banker once accused of sexually harassing staff. Andrew — who was dumped from royal duties over his links to Epstein — set up a company with Harry Keogh to handle his family investments, according to the Times of London. Keogh until 2018 had been a lead banker who looked after the “most influential clients” at Coutts, the almost 330-year-old British bank used by Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the monarchy. He quit soon after the Wall Street Journal revealed readmore

Torchy’s sets opening date for Raleigh location. Here’s when you

The New York TimesCan You Have Alcohol After the COVID Vaccine?After a long year and a lot of anticipation, getting the COVID-19 vaccine can be cause for celebration, which for some might mean pouring a drink and toasting to their new immunity. But can alcohol interfere with your immune response? The short answer is that it depends on how much you drink. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times There is no evidence that having a drink or two can render any of the current COVID vaccines less effective. Some studies have even found that readmore

‘Cannon fodder’: Medical students in India feel betrayed

NEW DELHI — Since the beginning of the week, Dr. Siddharth Tara, a postgraduate medical student at New Delhi’s government-run Hindu Rao Hospital, has had a fever and persistent headache. He took a COVID-19 test, but the results have been delayed as the country’s health system implodes. His hospital, overburdened and understaffed, wants him to keep working until the testing laboratory confirms he has COVID-19. On Tuesday, India reported 323,144 new infections for a total of more than 17.6 million cases, behind only the United States. India’s Health Ministry also reported another 2,771 deaths in the past 24 hours, with 115 Indians succumbing readmore

‘Nomadland’ And ‘Another Round’ Get Big Oscar Boosts At Vudu

The Academy Awards telecast may not have delivered big ratings, but they did provide a nominal boost to the big winners. Fandango and Vudu are reporting a solid spike in Monday-to-Monday revenue. In terms of combined revenue from both VOD platforms, Best Picture winner Nomadland jumped 129% compared to the previous Monday, while Best International Film winner Another Round (which is about to get remade with Leonardo DiCaprio in the Mads Mikkelsen role) jumped 600%. That makes sense, since I’d imagine plenty of general moviegoers hadn’t heard of Another Round before last night. For folks who don’t mind subtitles, readmore

No surplus vaccine doses to send to India right now,

LONDON: The UK is currently moving through its domestic priority lists for Covid-19 vaccines and therefore has no surplus doses to share with countries in need such as India at this stage, Downing Street said on Tuesday. In reference to India's devastating second wave of the pandemic, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesperson said the process is kept under constant review, while the country sends an assistance package made up of 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive ventilators and 20 manual ventilators to India to meet the supply shortages over the course of the week. The first tranche of 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen readmore

World Opinion Of U.S. Shoots Up After Biden Takes Office,

ToplineOther countries’ opinions of the U.S. have improved by nine points on average since President Joe Biden took office—and in many cases by double digits—a new Morning Consult poll finds, as the Democratic president appears to have noticeably improved the U.S.’s global standing in his first 100 days after it eroded under President Donald Trump. Key Facts The country whose net favorability rating of the U.S. most improved between Jan. 20 and April 25 was Germany, where it improved by 47 points, followed by Japan (net change of 39 points) and France (37 points). The country with the highest opinion readmore

Amazon’s 11th-gen Fire HD 10 tablet starts at $149.99

The new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. It has slimmer bezels and a new front camera placement. Amazon The base-model Fire 10 HD comes in these colors. The Plus model comes in black. Amazon Here it is with the optional keyboard case. Amazon The keyboard is self-supporting, so it’s great for lap use. Amazon The […]readmore

‘Howard Stern Show’ Ronnie Mund puts Queens house on market

Despite being a “cult figure” with fans, Howard Stern’s bodyguard and limo driver Ronnie Mund is just a regular guy looking to retire — and now that he’s put his home up for sale, we get to peek inside. The 71-year-old, who has become a regular guest on Stern’s show, is asking about $916,000 for the three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom ranch house. He hopes to retire to his new home in Las Vegas with his 37-year-old partner Stephanie Carney. They decided to put bids in on two plots of land in Nevada because of conflict with co-workers on the show, he readmore

Canada’s 2021 tax deadline is still April 30. What if

Canada’s 2021 tax deadline is still April 30. Despite renewed school and business shut-downs in parts of the country due to the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ottawa did not prolong the tax season this year. April 30 is the cutoff for turning in your individual income tax return and paying any taxes owed. As usual, if you’re self-employed, you and your spouse or common-law partner have until June 15 to hand your tax paperwork over to the Canada Revenue Agency. But you still need to pay any tax balances by the end of April. Read more: ‘Fear and uncertainty:’ What readmore