Kamala Harris says goodbye to Washington, DC, home

Kamala Harris doesn’t need her Washington, DC, condo any longer.  The newly sworn-in vice president — who has been living in the renowned Blair House next door to the White House, but is moving to her official residence at the Number One Observatory Circle Tuesday — has listed her two-bedroom luxury high-rise residence for $1.995 million. Harris, 56, first purchased a unit in the Westlight building back in 2017, when she first served as a United States senator from California, according to the Wall Street Journal. This would mark the second property she has sold since becoming veep. The first was her longtime San readmore

‘No recovery without a she-covery’: Calls mount for targeted support for

Previous economic downturns have followed a specific pattern: a greater impact on men’s employment, with women’s job gains leading the recovery. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, that formula has been flipped.The disproportionate impact of this pandemic recession on women’s jobs – evident in hair salons, food courts, restaurants, travel agencies, pubs and bars across Canada – means that the tried-and-tested stimulus measures of downturns past won’t cut it. Measures offering targeted support for women are needed in the upcoming federal budget, according to economists and labour market analysts. And the stakes are very high.Economist Armine Yalnizyan readmore

Credit Suisse to take a £3.41 billion hit from Archegos

In an announcement on Tuesday, Credit Suisse Group AG (ETR: CSX) said it will take a hit worth £3.41 billion attributed to dealings with the New York investment fund, Archegos Capital Management. Credit Suisse opened at £8.04 per share on Tuesday and closed the regular session at £7.84 per share after touching an intraday low of £7.72 per share. In comparison, the stock had started the year at £8.83 per share. If you want to invest in the stock market online, you’ll need a reliable stockbroker – here’s a list of the top few to make selection easier for you. Credit Suisse expects a readmore

Miami heat: The 9 hottest new hotels and renos in

The pandemic didn’t stop Miami. The Magic City used the down time to build, renovate and debut its hottest hotels. Check them out below. 915 Washington Ave. It’s always spring break at the Moxy, Marriott’s youthful, frisky brand. Here in South Beach, however, the company welcomes its first resort — complete with six dining/drinking venues, two pools and an outdoor fitness center — just two blocks from the Atlantic on a stretch of the Art Deco Cultural District that’s in the midst of a mini-Renaissance. Check into one of the 202 Rockwell Group-designed guest rooms, inspired by the overnight readmore

NASA’s most metal mission will test new, higher-power electric thrusters

The Psyche spacecraft chassis was delivered to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in late March, 2021. NASA/JPL-Caltech Over the next 12 months components will be added to the chassis, including scientific instruments. After it is completed, the spacecraft will ship to Cape Canaveral, Florida, for launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. NASA/JPL-Caltech Artist’s impression of […]readmore

Want to worry about the next pandemic? Spillover.global has you

Enlarge / Researchers with Franceville interdisciplinary Medical Research Centre (CIRMF, Centre Interdisciplinaire Medical de Recherches de Franceville) collect samples from a bat on November 25, 2020 inside a cave in the Zadie region in Gabon. - Working in remote recesses in the hearth of the Gabonese forest, scientists scour caves populated by bats, animals suspected of being at the origin of many epidemics transmitted to humans in recent years: the SARS in 2003, MERS in 2012, Ebola and now SARS-CoV-2 or novel coronavirus Covid-19. (Photo by STEEVE JORDAN / AFP) (Photo by STEEVE JORDAN/AFP via Getty Images)readmore