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NYC apartment with shower in kitchen asks $2,500 a month

 NYC apartment with shower in kitchen asks $2,500 a month

This apartment gives a new meaning to clean eating.

A one-bedroom NYC apartment is seeking $2,500 a month despite the recently renovated pre-war unit’s only shower being in the kitchen — which is also the living room. 

“The clawfoot tub in living area — is totally charming offering a little bit of a Parisian Left Bank feeling in SoHo,” the 150 Sullivan St. listing describes the primely located one-bathroom.

Although not enclosed, the wash area is renovated to be about as luxurious as possible, considering the limited square footage: The bathtub features a gold faucet, taps and detachable showerhead. While the rest of the rental features wide plank ash hardwood flooring, there’s white tile directly below the tub. 

While not pictured in the photos, the broker tells The Post an enclosed toilet is located opposite the bathtub.

Other units in the building also appear to feature the unique combination bathroom-kitchen setup: A 300-square-foot studio at the address has a custom-looking shower wedged between the cabinets and the enclosed toilet area. The shower is part of a larger, countered island of sorts which includes a sink. That apartment is asking for $1,750 a month.

“Building is 5 flights up in a walk-up and shower cubicle is separated by a waist height divider from the living area,” the listing specifies. “Unit is fully renovated, brand new inside with high ceiling and large windows.”

The odd format is not actually so rare in New York City, where many instances of it can be attributed to 20th-century legislation mandating that all residences have a sink and bathtub for sanitary reasons. 

One exception to this rule is single-room-occupancy or SRO units, defined by the Department of Buildings as an apartment consisting of “one or two rooms [that] either lacks a complete kitchen and/or bathroom or shares them with other units.” In many SROs, tenants do not have a bathroom in their apartment, and communally share one located in the hallway.