MY POINT IS… Scam and spam 

 MY POINT IS… Scam and spam 

It’s a daily thing – the ringing of the cell phone with an unassigned ring.

You look away from whatever you’re doing to make sure your instincts are right – and usually they are, as you see “Spam Risk” scrolling across your screen.

While I do not personally have the “Scam Protector” that some other cell phone owners have, I relish the service that alerts me that someone is calling that I probably don’t want to talk to.

Sometimes my phone shows up “Telemarketer” and that’s okay too. If I don’t want to take it, I let it go to voicemail. Those who are truly wanting to reach me will leave a message. Those who don’t – oh well.

But the scammers are the ones who show ingenuity and creativity. They will show up as a local number many times, fooling the phone owner into accepting their calls. There have been numerous times…

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