Mozilla integrates Firefox Translations into Firefox

 Mozilla integrates Firefox Translations into Firefox

Mozilla has integrated Firefox Translations, the upcoming privacy-friendly translation system, into the latest Nightly version of the Firefox web browser. Translations happen locally on the system, and not in the cloud; this is the main distinguishing factor between the translation feature and popular solutions such as Chrome’s Google Translate integration.

We have followed the development of Firefox Translations, previously known as Project Bergamot closely, ever since the project was revealed back in October 2019.

The first usable Firefox extension was released last month. Then-called Project Bergamot, it introduced translation functionality in the browser. Earlier this month, a second version was released and with it came the name change to Firefox Translations.

The new version introduced several improvements that made the extension leaner and more useful in the process.

Today, still in May 2021, Mozilla included the latest version of…

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