Morning Market Review for September 24, 2021

 Morning Market Review for September 24, 2021

Markets edge lower despite late night gains following a cryptocurrency crackdown in China this morning

  • Corn down 1-2 cents
  • Soybeans down 1-2 cents; Soymeal up $0.30/ton; Soyoil down $0.04/lb
  • Wheat down 2-4 cents

*Prices as of 6:55am CDT.

Happy Friday! High-moisture ear corn chopping (for snaplage) at the Holland Dairy farm is wrapped up for the season, much to everyone’s relief! The crew finished throwing tires on the bunker late last night.

However – armyworms have infested our alfalfa crop. We have already taken four crops off our alfalfa fields this season so there is more concern about the crop surviving until next spring. But with warmer temperatures later in the growing year, that opens up increased chances for pests.

Some fields in the area have already been eaten down to the stems. Late season chemical applications are in full effect as…

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