Mo’ budget, mo’ ICT promises

 Mo’ budget, mo’ ICT promises

Above: An excerpt of the cover for the PSIP for 2022.

BitDepth#1323 for October 11, 2021

Finance Minister Colm Imbert had a choice. He could deliver a budget that boldly declared a visionary, if potentially risky path forward for ICT, or he could refry the beans again.

It’s time to reach for your tortilla shells, because that was last week’s budget menu.

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The government did make one small but significant change in the new budget, completely reversing the January 2016 decision to tax computers, software and peripherals, though books remain on the tax list.

There is a case to be made for conservative planning particulary when restrictive conditions under a pandemic have caused economic slowdowns nationwide.

But after the government convened a panel of volunteers to design a Roadmap to Recovery, appointed a Digital Transformation Advisory Committee on February 24,…

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