Miami business owner gives convicted felons another chance

 Miami business owner gives convicted felons another chance

MIAMI – Alex Montanez is the owner behind the celebrity-loved Organic Food Kings food trucks and restaurants in Miami-Dade County.

As a convicted felon, Montanez, 38, knows how difficult it is to find a job once someone has been released from prison, and that’s why he decided that he would only hire convicted felons to work at his eateries.

Montanez served five years in prison, beginning when he was 20, after he says he was wrongfully convicted of money laundering.

He had never been in trouble with the law prior to his arrest.

After he got out of prison, Montanez found it difficult to land a good job so he decided that becoming a business owner would be the only way he could ensure his success.

As a result, he opened various businesses, including a shoe store, numerous mattress stores and Organic Food Kings.

One of Montanez’s Organic Food Kings employees served 15 years in prison for possession of marijuana. He was just 19 years…

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