Man In Capitol Mob Fired After Wearing His Company ID Badge To Riot

 Man In Capitol Mob Fired After Wearing His Company ID Badge To Riot

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A Maryland printing company has fired one of its employees after learning he participated in the mob that broke into the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, a fairly easy discovery since the man wore his work ID badge to the well-photographed protest.


Supporters of US President Donald Trump, including Jake Angeli (C), a QAnon supporter known for his … [+] painted face and horned hat, enter the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.

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Key Facts

After the mob forced its way into the Capitol, photographers captured a striking image of several people standing defiantly in a hallway, including so-called “Q Shaman” Jake Angeli, a Trump protest regular whose Viking horns and face paint have turned him into a minor celebrity among believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

A man carrying a Trump campaign flag stood next to Angeli, and some Twitter users quickly realized he was also wearing what appeared to be an ID badge from the Maryland-based direct mail printing company Navistar Direct Marketing.

Navistar confirmed Thursday one of its employees was spotted at the Capitol, writing in a Facebook post that the man (whom Navistar did not identify) was fired for cause.

D.C. police released a photo of the man with the Navistar ID on Thursday, asking the public for help identifying him as a person of interest for unlawful entry into the Capitol.

Crucial Quote

“[Any] employee demonstrating dangerous conduct that endangers the health and safety of others will no longer have an employment opportunity,” Navistar wrote on Facebook.

Key Background

Local and federal authorities are working to identify the Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building and forced members of Congress to take shelter. The mob was heavily photographed by both journalists and participants, flooding social media with images the Federal Bureau of Investigation and D.C. police are now trying to use to track down suspects, though U.S. Capitol Police arrested just 14 people on Wednesday.

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