Lego unveils recycled bricks in move to circular economy

 Lego unveils recycled bricks in move to circular economy

An eight-year-old fan’s wish came true this week when iconic toy manufacturer Lego unveiled its latest product: Bricks made from recycled plastic bottles.

It makes Lego among the latest companies to begin a transition to a circular economy model, which bases itself on repurposing discarded products, rather than sending them straight to landfill.

As part of the announcement, Lego shared a letter it received from a young fan, who asked the company to “just make a small difference by not using crinkly plastic to wrap your Lego bricks in” and consider making its bricks from recycled plastic.

“I still love Lego so much but I don’t want it to harm our environment,” the letter said.

Although the bricks won’t be available to play with (or step on) for about two years, the announcement came as welcome news to circular economy expert Riyadh Al-Ameri.

The Deakin University professor said he was confident the prototype – which will…

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