Investment options you can explore — Scam Guards

 Investment options you can explore — Scam Guards

BOITUMELO NTSOKO: Welcome to the Money Savvy podcast. I’m Boitumelo Ntsoko. Investing – we all know it’s important for wealth creation. The number of reader questions we get at Moneyweb on how or where to invest X amount shows just how much interest there is in maximising the funds you have today for the future. So here to shed some ideas on where you can invest your money is Trent Hodges, a certified financial planner at Gray Capital.


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Trent, if I have a tight budget – and let’s say I have R100 to spend monthly – is there a product that I can invest in?

TRENT HODGES: Hi Tumi, thank you so much for having me. Yes, if you have a tight budget, there are products that investment houses offer with no minimum that you need to put in. If you have…

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