Indians and McAuliffe’s Last Stand

 Indians and McAuliffe’s Last Stand

SR Sidarth, George Allen’s “macaca” nemesis, today. A partner in Troutman Pepper’s Washington, D.C., office, he practices multifamily-housing-finance law.

by James A. Bacon

A certain KP Nayar offers an interesting perspective on Virginia’s gubernatorial election from his vantage point as the Washington columnist for, an English-language publication serving the business market in India.

“Indian Americans constitute only one percent of the U.S. electorate, but Virginia is a state where they have influenced state politics far in excess of their numerical strength or fund-raising clout,” Nayar writes in a column entitled, “How Indian Americans in Virginia may have derailed a second term for US President Joe Biden.”

The column reminds me of a refugee from Castro’s Cuba I knew in the 1970s who contended passionately that Cuba stood at the center of the geo-political universe. His Cuba-centrism…

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